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Today is Valentine’s Day and everyone plans to dress up in the best possible way for the love of their life and make it the most memorable day of the year. Though revealing your feelings, telling your partner or your spouse your innermost feelings should not be limited to Valentine’s Day but this day has something special about it. So why not surprise your partner with your best look and your look is incomplete without a perfect outfit. So let’s make it simple and help you find the perfect thing to wear for a special evening with your special someone.

Firstly pick ravishing silhouettes of brilliant red, pink or fuchsia in colour. It can be anything which makes you comfortable from flowing dresses and flattering tops to witty cotton tees. If you are planning to spend time together cooking for each other at your place then opt for a simple, comfy and sexy outfit like skinny jeans, a sparkly top paired with high heels or booties.

Another look you can opt for is a little plain black dress. Boring! No, add some sparkle to it by opting for glittery necklace or earrings and you are all set for your date night at V-day.

If you guys are planning a dinner out date, then firstly opt for a fancy and less crowded place, rare but definitely not difficult to locate. So for this outing choose for a festive sweater dress and you can pair it up with tights and high-heeled boots. As every woman is always open for other options, the dress option could be a wrap dress. Wrap dresses are both stylish and flattering in nature. When you are all dressed up and find that you lacking somewhere, you don’t find your dress complementing you the way you wanted it to be, then here are a few more tips to glam up your valentine day outfit.

Add an extra sparkle, i.e. pick up a couple of necklaces in a form of a layer, or you can try some dazzling earrings, danglers or a fun hair clip.

Pair your dress with any type of heels it could be pumps or boots anything which suits you well. High heels can take any outfit a level up and make it look attractive.

Try a blazer or dressy jacket to make it look sassy.

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