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Wanna see a marvel on earth which blends nature and manmade spectacle? Come and visit the sea forts of Maharashtra and you will be stunned to see them standing strong amid waters despite being a witness to the most dreadful wars. The fortified walls of these forts stand with pride beating the waves of Arabian sea every second, every minute raging their angst against those who once tried to dent their security. Now, let’s take a tour of these sea forts:

Sindhudurg Fort:

Sindhudurg Fort, Malvan, Maharashtra, India

If you are a history lover and tales of war impress you, then you will love this fort, whose name literally means a sea fort. Sindhudurg fort, stretching to 44-acre on Kurute island, was built by Shivaji in 1664 CE. The foundations of fort was laid down using molten lead to ensure it stands majestically over years and remains unconsumed by sea. Sindhudurg Fort has 42 bastions, many hidden passages and sweet water reservoirs. It houses the only temple of Shivaji Maharaj in the world.

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Murud-Janjira Fort:

Murud-Janjira Fort, Raigarh District, Maharashtra, India

Janjira is one among the strongest marine forts in Raigad which is surrounding by Arabian sea and it remains unconquered till date. You can tour the fort with the help of sail boats which start from Rajapuri jetty. Spread on 22 acres, this fort has 19 bastions. While its main gate remains hidden, it has a small gate too which opens as an escape route to the sea. You will be surprised to see a well with sweet water here. The foundation of the fort was laid in 15th century as a defence against sea robbers.

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Vijaydurg Fort, Vijaydurg, Maharashtra, India

This twin fort of Sindhudurg, surrounded by waters, is nearly impregnable owing to its high walls and strong bastions. The fort is a sight to behold, and can be easily reached as it is being connected by road.Standing as a testimony to the naval prowess of Marathas, it was named as Vijaydurg after Shivaji conquered it in 1653 by defeating Adilshah of Bijapur. The fort justifies its name which means ‘fort of victory’.

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