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Actor Salman Khan went for a small two-day vacation to his farmhouse in Panvel with his family but has been stuck there for almost a month due to the countrywide lockdown to stop the spread of corona virus. The actor says the entire experience feels like living in the Bigg Boss house.

Speaking in an interview, Salman talked about life in lockdown. “Right now, this place feels like the Bigg Boss house. It’s beautiful here with everyone around because no one is being eliminated, and so, no one is going after anyone,” he said. Salman added that he keeping busy by planning what he wants to do after the lockdown ends and is spending his days painting.

The actor is also keeping busy by creating songs for spreading awareness about Covid-19. His song, Pyaar Karona, will release on Monday and Salman says he has two more songs in the pipeline. The songs were written and sung by Salman on his phone but produced in Mumbai.

“I had this tune in my mind for a song. The word karona fitted in really well. So, we decided to jam on it, and in about five minutes we had our lyrics in place…The lyrics express exactly what I want to tell the world — pyaar karona, madad karona, sabr rakho na,” he added.

The actor had earlier pledged to financially support 25,000 daily wage workers from the film industry in the wake of the nationwide lockdown and had recently released a video where he slammed those flouting the rules and attacking the healthcare workers.

India is currently under the lockdown with around 1.3 billion people asked to stay home in view of the coronavirus outbreak, which has infected over 15,000 people and claimed 507 lives.

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