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Releasing on 23 February 2018, Hichki is the first movie of Rani Mukherjee after a gap of few years, away from the silver screen the woman was involved with motherhood. The movie is a comeback for the actress after she gave birth to her and Aditya Chopra’s lovely daughter, Adira.

The movie is directed by Siddharth P Malhotra and produced by Maneesh Sharma for Yash Raj Films (YRF). The movie talks about how to get over our weakness and make it our strength and move on and achieve success in life.

In Hichki, Rani Mukherjee plays a teacher suffering from Tourette syndrome who is assigned a task to teach chemistry to a class of 14 students from a lower-income section of society studying in the highly elite school of the area. In medical terms, Tourette syndrome is a medical condition which forces an individual to make involuntary repetitive movements or sounds due to lack of coordination between brain and body movements.

The plot of the movie is heavily laden with the trials and tribulation faced by a disabled woman and how she turns the disadvantages into opportunities and winning all the challenges between her and the success. The tagline of the movie is “What is life without a few hiccups”.  Talking about the hiccups, Rani Mukherjee shared “How she had faced hiccups in her personal and professional life”. She said –“The best part of the hiccups is that one can get over it as well. It is just the roadblock not a mountain.” Rani Mukherjee said, “Hiccups can be a learning experience as it forces you to get out of it and come out stronger and bolder.”

Spreading more light on the character she says, every character be it Naina, Michelle (a visually and hearing an impaired woman in Black) or Babli (a con artist and thief in Bunty and Babli) requires a different level of preparation. No two characters are same and played with same ease. Every character requires a lot of thought to be put in to perform well.”

Talking about the movie, Hichki is about tackling a neurological disorder which we in India are even scared to express as we pay more importance to what will people say. Bollywood has earlier also welcomed various movies portraying characters with mental and physical disabilities. These characters are shown not arouse self- pity for people with disability but to spread awareness that people with disability are no different from us.

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