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Wherever you go, the first thing people notice is your face. A bright, attractive face is far more preferred than the dull and pale face. And that is why we have brought this list to make you aware of the things you may need to make your look perfect in any season. All these things are just occupying space in your makeup kit. Professionals call them ‘Makeup Essentials’.

Face Primer:

The main work a face primer does is to make your skin look softer than usual. Whether you want to control oil, or moisturize your skin, a primer will always be ready to help, provided that you have put it in your makeup kit.


Acne or a dark circle can make you look dull. So it is better to keep a concealer with you to cover them up. While choosing a perfect concealer for you, make sure to take the one matching as close to the foundation/BB Cream you have applied on your skin as possible.


A blush is able to put an effect on your overall look. That’s why it is wise to keep it available always with you. Although available in powder, gel, and cream form, the powder one is quite popular than the other two.


How one can spare the highlighter from a makeup kit? It is the most basic and effective makeup thing. It is available in powder, stick, cream, and many other forms. Choosing a perfect highlighter depends on your skin tone and undertones.


A little extra charm you can add to your eyes with eyeliners. Although black would be the first choice when it comes to eyeliners, but if you have lighter skin tone you can always go for dark gray or brown.

Lipstick and Lip Gloss:

These are the two essential things that add the final touch to your beauty. Although you are free to choose any colour, the one enhancing your natural lip colour would be the best option.

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