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In the season of winter, having a cough or cold is a normal thing. If you also think the same, then my friend you should reconsider it. As we know that a normal cough or cold can lead to the number of diseases and problems. Also as it is contagious, you may even unknowingly gift it to your family members.

So to uproot it from your body as soon as possible, you may want to go to the doctor. But can you imagine you have its solution just to yourself! Yes, of course, we are talking about home-remedies. And surprisingly, it is better than the other home remedies for a cough in terms of ‘taste’.

We are talking about (no prize for correct guess) the king of raisins, Almonds. Recent researchers have shown that the people who take in the almonds as the daily snack have the lesser risk of being infected with a cough.

Well, raw almonds as a snack are always helpful and easier to take anytime, anywhere but if you are bored of eating them alone (!), you can also attempt some of the below mentioned ways to make your curing process delightful:

  • Almonds can be soaked in water whole night. In the morning, the brown skin on the soaked almonds is removed and the white glossy piece of almonds then be crushed in a paste form. Butter and Sugar can be added as per the taste and you are ready with the natural remedy to cure your dry cough.
  • If you are fond of milk, then you can take it with a few drops of almond oil as a drink to cure a cough.
  • As per some ancient traditions, few teaspoon almonds can also be taken with a cup of orange juice to uproot a cough from your body.

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