Colors of Pushkar Camel Fair 2017!


Pushkar is an important centre of pilgrimage for Hindus. The place has a magnetic appeal with 400 temples that are blue white and a number of bathing ghats. The town resounds with chanting of prayers and religious songs, along with drums and gongs. Pushkar is a happy tourist attraction and the main marketing spot sells didgeridoos(Australian wind music instrument), scarves in tie and dye, to the mix of eager tourists flocking from the world over. There is a dash of commercialism but the town retains a mystique.

This November watch the calm and serene town of Pushkar come alive as it host’s the largest camel and livestock fair – The Pushkar Fair. The fair is the biggest gathering of Rajasthan and tourist from all around the world come in huge numbers to experience it’s beauty. So, if you have not yet been to the grand fair, make a plan this year because it is once in a lifetime experience!

Here is a glimpse of Pushkar Fair 2017.

 #CamelFair Ground

 A colorful and vibrant display of unique exhibitions, exciting competitions and fascinating events. This is Pushkar fair.

 A local man lights his smoke.

 You can now enjoy a hot air balloon ride above the glitzy and starry atmosphere of the Pushkar. Also, you can float over the serene waters of the Pushkar Lake as you take a hot air balloon ride above the area. A great adventure for the whole family.

 Man is playing Ravanahatha at pushkar mela ground.


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