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Remember the scene from the movie ‘Ek Villain’ where Guru (Siddharth Malhotra) gives the hand to the kid of Rakesh (Riteish Deshmukh) to ring the bell in the temple? Rub your minds up, just in case if you can’t recall it. You did it? Good! Although, a dull cliché works every time. What, example? Here we go…

Depict Colors channel as Rakesh and Salman Bhai as Guru, then you will find the kid’s exact resemblance to the (great?) Indian reality shows Bigg Boss.

Just imagine, what would be this show’s fate if the Bhai would not have lifted it up from last 8 times? Just imagine if somebody else (who said Sanjay Dutt?) would have hosted the show? It would never be the same.

It is like a Khichdi, some may love it; many may hate it but nobody can ignore it. And when I say Khichdi, it really is a mess of Hina Khan as Moong Bean, Shilpa Shinde as Rice, Hiten Tejwani as coriander (which people put aside without any reason), and Bhai himself as the ‘Tadka’. This time they also tried to add some flavour to the wild card contest Pooja Jain (aka Dhinchack Pooja). That’s unfortunate that she couldn’t even complete half of the month there!

Even if it is its 11th Season running, the popularity of this show is increasing at the rate of the knot. The people are literally going crazy discussing who will fight to whom the coming week, or who will get evicted, or who will receive some special advice from Salman Khan this weekend; I mean Kaun Hain yeh log, Kahan se aate hain yeh log?

And as this was not enough, the remaining pool was filled by those meme-making pages on the social sites. Seriously, are they considering the whole universe paying attention to this show!

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