A struggle story of aspiring actors to be aired on YouTube in web series form


The story of struggle, faced by aspiring actors & producers dreaming to foray into Bollywood, has been weaved into a web series which will be aired on YouTube from May 2.

Named as ‘Super Laundeys’, the series is produced by Lucky Bisht, a former NSG Commando.

After serving the Indian Army, he is working as a film producer and has done several music videos, short films, web series etc.

Produced by his own production house, Lucky Commando Films, Super Laundeys is basically a drama which encompasses love, break up, booze and fun with lot of conflicts. The series features challenges faced by young boys and girls who keep standing outside the studios and production houses in Mumbai just to get a role of their choice.

Speaking on the story of the film, he says, “The web series is a story featuring youths from UP and Bihar coming to Mumbai to find place in Bollywood. All three of them suffer from superiority complex, ego and selfishness.”

Speaking on its name, he says, “Most of the people are used to speak slang language in UP. With an aim to build connect with such people, we have named this film as Super Laundeys because most of the freshers come from UP and Bihar via Delhi where this language is normal and accepted.”

Says Bisht, “Once the aspirant lands in Mumbai, he learns to lose something to gain anything concrete. In the process of losing and gaining, he learns to bring comedy in tragedy and that’s the series all about,” says Bisht.

“I have written this story after experiencing these facts of life in Mumbai as an actor, writer and director,” he adds.

When asked why this subject has been chosen for the web series, he says, “Audience wants to see life of an actor and struggler because they are also part of society. These days, many fresh faces are coming to Mumbai with a dream to be an actor or an actress and are struggling a lot. Even their parents are worried for their future. Hence, we have weaved the story on a light note in a comical way to ensure people like it,” says Bisht.

Basically, it’s a new experiment because people are not making this kind of web series, he says.

The story focuses around Sam Bihari, an ex casting director, who is struggling to make his own film. He lives in one BHK flat in a rented accommodation in Andheri West, Mumbai, with two friends Farhan and Gopu who are strugglers too.

All three of them are chasing their dreams to foray into Bollywood. Experiencing failed relationships, they love, cry, laugh, fight, booze, gossip and have fun in their lives.

But all three of them have positive attitude in worst situations.

The film is written and directed by Santosh Ojha, a pass-out from Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. He is a theatre and television actor who plays the lead role of Sam Bhaiya in this web series. The other actors include Ishan Mishra, Prakhar Sharma and Garima Goel.

Sanjay Tripathy plays a double role here as chai wala Raja Bhaiya and studio Boss Chopra.


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