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It was my first night out on Marine Drive. The rainy days were about to start. I sat on the rocks with my friend. And suddenly it started raining. Ohh, I can’t even start to tell you how much people love the first rain here. It was 3 a.m. I saw a group of 3 girls, all dressed up in their short LBDs, probably coming back after party. They got out of their car. And started drenching and dancing in the rain. And no, not a single guy catcalled them.

This is why I love Mumbai.!

This is just an extract from an answer by Arpan Kumar De on Quora answering a question “What is the best thing about Mumbai?”

There are many such questions explaining what makes Mumbai one of the most loved cities in India – every answer has this one thing that just edges out from every point – Monsoon Rains! The love this city has for rains is just incomparable. The city that runs over each other all throughout the year and living here means no less than a struggle takes a break for good month or two.

There are certain experiences that everyone living in Mumbai should have to make the Mumbai rains a memorable one. Check out the list of things that every Mumbaikar should do while living in the city:

A stroll down the Marine Drive

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Faced the bold Monsoon waves at Bandstand

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Get in tough with your spiritual side at Haji Ali

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Stroll at Juhu Chowpati beach

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Skip a day at work, give yourself a day. Enjoy the pouring and fall asleep while it downpours!

Roasted Corn from the street side vendor is something that you cannot miss out

Chai and gup-shup and a glimpse of the nation’s best theatre artists at Prithvi Café

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For the adventurous you: A ferry ride from Gateway of India to dangerous waves of Arabian Sea

Get lost in the love for delicious roadside bhajia and chai

A day out picnic at Sanjay Gandhi National Park

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