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Whichever fashion comes or goes, wearing a tie is something that will never be out of trend. Because the tie gives you classy look. We have brought you some of the reasons ‘Why should you start wearing a tie?’

1. Be different:

Nowadays when most of the world leaders avoid wearing a classic suit and tie for more casual attire, you should start wear to be different. This will make your personality look more charismatic.

2. Embellishes the shirt:

A formal shirt beneath your suit have more chances of being plain. Wearing a patterned tie makes it look more attractive.

3. Attracts respect:

A tie is not just to make your neck and shirt more decorated. A tie holds the respect of the people towards you. When someone sees someone in a tie, they cannot help but see how nice they look.

4. Variety:


Wearing a same formal pant and shirt with a suit on it, looks boring sometimes. Wearing a tie gives you a variety of your looks.

5. Ancestors’ gift:

Tie’s age is more than 300 years in men’s fashion. The necktie was the first of its kind to become popular in Europe around 17th-18th Century. So you see it is a great tribute to the ancestors when you choose to wear a tie.

6. Gives you feel:

A tie gives you the feel of work while you are in a meeting or going for the interview.

7. Looks great:

Almost everybody admits that one of the prime reasons of wearing a tie is that ‘it looks great!’ With a perfectly stitched suit, pant, and shirt, nothing can be more decorative other than a tie.

8. Decrease the clothing need:

When you are a professional and have to go to with formal attire every day, a tie helps to reduce the clothing need.

9. The bow tie is also OK:

Many people choose bow tie over necktie, and that’s perfectly fine.

10. Gives confidence:

When you know that wearing a tie can attract these many advantages, your confidence automatically boosts. And this confidence helps in every aspect of your life – whether a meeting or a date!

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